My Chic Trends: The Smoking Slipper

Mens Slippers

This is a Über popular trend for Fall 2013 – part of the menswear influence and a welcome change from the loafer or wingtip.  We have been seeing them in stores from Neiman’s to Small boutiques and everywhere in between.  I stumbled upon some Stubbs & Wootton, the “originator” purveyor of classically handmade versions of slipper style flats worn by the Town & Country set for decades.


These smoking slippers started their lives as just what they seem – men’s flats to be worn with a smoking jacket as you enjoy your pipe or cigar in the library.  They trended into men’s formal evening shoes (um, isn’t it just like men to trend  into formal wear?) and onto men’s shoes with jeans for the very fashionable.  Then Stubbs & Wootton replaced the traditional crest embroidered on the toe with some tongue-in-cheek fun….. et voila.


Below are some amazing styles and designers who are currently killing the game in the slipper game.


Stubbs and Wootton
Louis Vuitton
Jimmy Choo
Alberto Moretti
Louis Leeman

Rihanna Disses Muslims in Abu Dhabi?


Rihanna’s always on the edge of fashion trends and media gossip of being a Bad Girl. But do you think she has gone too far with this impromptu photo shoot while in Abu Dhabi a week ago and she posted several pics on Insta and this particular pic has people talking because of the title “B*tch Stole my look”?



She and her crew were asked to leave from the mosque where she did not have permission to film or shoot that day in Abu Dhabi for disrespecting the religion, and now she receiving hate online for insulting Muslim women. On the other side, people think she’s supporting their style of the hi jab.


What are your thoughts on this?

Androgyny Fashion Looks

Androgyny Fashion

The fashion industry has always been about bending and breaking boundaries with different looks.

Recently in womenswear , androgyny has become very popular in the trendsetting world. It’s a look that can be achieve by mixing and matching masculine pieces with their own femininity. Older Celebrities like Joan Jet and Grace Jones put Androgyny wear on the map and now younger starlets are taking over like Alexa Chung and Janelle Monae. They’ve been spotted sporting the androgynous look on the streets and at concerts while performing.

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Instastyle Fashion


You know it and I know it, we’re 100% addicted to Instagram. Our In-House Stylist Sheila has come up with some AMAZING #Instastyle finds from Instagrammers who are rocking inspiring chic style to influence your new fall wardrobe. These looks range from knee boots, thigh highs, military jackets that are layered with your favorite boyfriend jeans. Chicrenegade encourages you to be daring and play with textures and patterns when styling your look of the day.


We’ve rounded up this week’s hottest IG pics so can get inspired to give your wardrobe a revamp as jump into fall.

Fall Fashion Flats

fall fashion flats3


The weather may be dropping but that’s no reason why you can’t wear cute shoes.  Yes, you’ll have to tuck away your open toes and  strappy heels, but you get to break out fall footwear — which come on let’s be honest, is everyone’s favorite season. From boots to oxfords to flats, the options are very endless! Pair these trends with thigh highs, skinny jeans or skater skirts this season.


In-House Stylist Sheila has rounded up a few of our favorite styles on the market today. Featuring trends such as animal print, metallic’s and color blocking styles, you’re sure to find a pair in this Chic Report that you’ll love.

The Chic Trend Report: Pajama Dressing


We saw a lot of Spring Trends coming out of September’s New York Fashion Week, lots of textures and crazy patterns that seem to fit once they were put together in such a way that it was just beautiful. But what we didn’t expect was wearable trendy pajamas. Not the PJ’s you wear to bed, we want you to know there is art to pajama dressing.


I know what you’re thinking — pajamas worn as a fashion statement?! It does sound a tad looney, but after Alexander Wang rocked the runway with models sporting matching shirt and shorts PJ sets, we are totally on board with this new trend.


Recently we saw the ever lovely, Kate Bosworth showing a perfect example of how to do pajama dressing without going overboard. A round collared pajama shirt with white piping pairs well with skinny jeans and a heels. The key is to look stylish and not frumpy like you wore your pajamas to bed then out and about. If you want to wear top and bottoms together, get the bottoms tailored to fit as a skinny pant and pair with heels and a clutch. Guys, you too can rock some silk bottoms with a blazer and moccasins. Again, play around with the look and dress it up with some Chicrenegade accessories.

Event // NYC Feb 23 :: Party at Bar Basque


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Bar Basque‎
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Event // NYC Feb 17 :: Party at Veranda

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New York Fashion Week Party at Veranda tonight.

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Veranda is on the corner of 7th ave and 10th st[cetsEmbedGmap src=,New+York,+NY&cid=0,0,11999682820025207128&ei=3sI-T-mxCsKsiQLC8PGYAQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CB4Q_BI width=350 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]