Rihanna Disses Muslims in Abu Dhabi?


Rihanna’s always on the edge of fashion trends and media gossip of being a Bad Girl. But do you think she has gone too far with this impromptu photo shoot while in Abu Dhabi a week ago and she posted several pics on Insta and this particular pic has people talking because of the title “B*tch Stole my look”?



She and her crew were asked to leave from the mosque where she did not have permission to film or shoot that day in Abu Dhabi for disrespecting the religion, and now she receiving hate online for insulting Muslim women. On the other side, people think she’s supporting their style of the hi jab.


What are your thoughts on this?

Manolo Blahnik Ice Cream


Your heard me correctly, Manolo Blahnik Ice Cream!   Manolo Blahnik CEO and VP George Malkemus and Tony Yurgaitis’s joinly owned Connecticut dairy farm, Arethusa Farm & Dairy has been producing organic dairy products locally since 1999.  arethusa-ice-creams-manolo-blahnik

Now that doesn’t sound very luxury until you you add the fact that the treatment of the cows on the farm is super humane and the fact that the locals in the community say that their products are the best around.  So now they these diary products, ice cream, are now being offered in NYC at Dean & Deluca’s SoHo and Madison Avenue locations starting this week.

Observations from Project Runway All Stars Episode 5 Feb 2nd

Last night I had a date with my guy so while I was stuffing Lump crab meat down my throat at Houston’s, the rest of the world was watching Project Runway All Stars. I recorded it on DVR and finally watched it this morning and here are my observations about last night’s episode of Project Runway All Stars

  1. I really hate the challenges of Project Runway All Stars.  This show is supposed to be about the art of fashion not the art of persuasion. What the hell does convincing people to come up out their clothes have to do with fashion???  These challenges are ridiculous.
  2. Michael Costello said of his muse “when I saw her I knew that she was the one…the sun was shining behind her, chickens were hatching, Jesus came back.  It was wonderful”   hahahahahaha.
  3. Jerell-scott-project-runway-allstars

    Jerell's hot mess of a look

    That look that Jerell Scott created was a HOT mess.  He should have gone home.  Words cant describe how bad that look was.   His look contained four, I repeat FOUR completely different prints, which included the most ridiculous skirt in the world.  WTF??? How are you a Project Runway All Star and think that this look looked good.  He even had the nerve to say that he thought that this look would send him to the winners circle.  I cant!

  4. austin-scarlet-project-runway-all-stars

    Austin's look should have won him the challenge

    Although I’m not mad that Mondo won the challenge, I think that Austin had a better design.  He followed the rules of the challenge to a “T”.  The look was obviously inspired by the style of his muse and his design looked very high fashion.  Loved it!

  5. “Keely is loud. If a black person says that you are loud, you are too loud!”  hahahahaha.  Yes Anthony, you are right, that bitch is loud!

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Project Runway All Stars Recap Jan 26, 2011


April's blueberry gelato-inspired design that got her cut from the contest

Project Runway All Stars Recap Jan 26, 2011

I felt so cheated by last night’s episode of Project Runway All Stars.  I was so disgusted that I almost fast-forwarded (I DVR-ed because I watched 30 Rock first and then I had bass lessons)  past the whole episode just to see who got kicked off.  Here are the reason’s why I felt so cheated by last night’s episode of Project Runway All Stars:

  1. The Project Runway All Stars contestants only had 6 hours to sketch, design, fit, and sew an entire look to be presented on the runway.  I watch the show because I want to see at least 50% good fashion (the other 50% hot mess is purely for my entertainment only).  Anything less that 50% good fashion is a waste of my time.  By having a challenge where the designers only get 6 hours to create, you are guaranteed at least 90% hot messes and that’s exactly what we got.  I do not want to watch a show where 90% off the fashion is a hot mess.  For all that, I could just go out on Hollywood blvd on a Saturday night and be just an entertained.  Although, in the show’s defense, I heard that the reason that the challenge was only 6 hours long was due to the fact that the show was taped in the summertime during 90 degree days and the building that they taped in had limited weekday air conditioning hours. Either way, I felt cheated
  2. The gelato-inspiration thing was dumb and far from creative.  I mean, we might as well have had a crayola-inspired theme…or maybe a rainbow inspired theme, or maybe they could have just randomly picked a color and just designed and sewed. No creativity.
  3. And that brings me to my next point… Some of those flavors made no sense.  WTF is “fruits of the forrest“???? and “Vanilla Madagascar” why not just “Vanilla”??? and who the hell eats “Chocolate With Cayenne Pepper” flavored gelato????
  4. Whats up with DVF giving people thumbs up during the runway show???? I like the idea of there being a  mystery of the Project Runway judges thoughts. Save the critiques for the chopping block, Mrs. Furstenberg (or is it Mrs. Von Furstenberg?) !
  5. And why didn’t they cut Kara???  I mean April wasn’t my favorite but Kara…I cant stand her.  I shouldn’t say that I cant stand her, but its just that she annoys me on end.  When she talks, her body language never quite matches what she’s actually saying so I never understand what her point is.  She may say something so basic but has this grandiose gesture, and I’m just as confused as I wanna be.  And conversely, she may say something so impactful, but her body language is that of a sleeping toddler and then I’m confused again. Its so annoying!  Unfortunately, last night’s episode of Project Runway All Stars set me up for the fact that I have to look at Kara and her lack of a functional understanding of non-verbal communication for at least one more hour out of my life.