Versace Showed Us That Naomi Campbell Can Still Rip a Runway & How to Properly Rock a Barely There Dress


Yesterday Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week kicked off with a Versace Atelier Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show.  The show was attended by my man crush Zachary Quinto and was headlined my graceful-age crush, Naomi Campbell.  43-Year-Old Campbell opened the show in a sequined black body suit and her signature bang hairstyle and nude lip look.  She also closed the show with what I hear was a wild round of applause.

In addition to Ms. Campbell’s appearance was this skin-baring illusion dress that reminded me of the this trend thats going around in the urban fashion culture.  A few weeks ago a friend of mine started an instagram conversation with me about this white dress that Draya from Basketball wives wore in a pic she posted on her instagram page.  The dress was to me the antithesis of fashion but yet was met with encouraging comments.  I like Draya as much as a person could reasonably like a reality star that they dont personally know but the dress was distasteful.  Fashion is an art and this dress that Draya wore was just fome fabric glued to her body in an effort to keep her from getting arrested for indecent exposure but still get questioned by the police.

Now what does the infamous white dress that Draya from Basketball wives wore have to do with the Versace show?  versace-couture-fashion-showThere was this black number in the Versace Couture line that to me was the perfect example of how to reveal skin but yet do it as a form of art.  Take note Draya (and Draya wannabes): Gluing clothes to your skin is not fashion, nor should it be worn out the house to represent itself as fashion.

I really enjoyed the line which was full of jewel tones, Crocodile, bare midriffs, sequins, lots of black, and bodysuits. Also there was this exposed bra look that I will most certainly be mimicking. Take a look at the pics from the Versace Atelier Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show and Naomi Campbell and all her 43-year-old greatness below..Versace Atelier - Couture Fall 2013 Runway - Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-2 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-3 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-4 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-5 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-6 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-7 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-8 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-9 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-10 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-11 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-12 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-13 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-14 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-15 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-16 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-17 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-18 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-19 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-20 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-21 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-22 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-23 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-24 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-25 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-26 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-27 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-28 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-29 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-30 versace-Atelier-Autumn-Winter-2013-fashion-show-31

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