Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Cropped Leather Vest, Zara Striped Oxford Shirt, Zara Leggings


This look is the second part of a three part series of high-waisted fashion looks.  The first look featured a high-waisted circle skirt styled with a see-through top and Christian Louboutin pumps, and this look featured high-waisted leggings, a cropped black leather vest, and a women’s stripped oxford shirt.  If I could sum my personal style p into one look, it would probably be this one.  It’s not that its my favorite look, it just defines my two personal pilars of fashion me the most.  1)I love anything that accentuates the curves and 2) I love to contrast different themes.  Here I kept it very, tailored and almost macsuline at the top but I softened the look with the formfitting pants and the peep-toe pumps.  GOOD fashion is all about combining different (and sometimes opposite) themes and making them work.  Otherwise the look is boring.  It could be as obvious as this look (masculine vs feminine) or it could be as subtle a accessorizing an over the top outfit with a basic studded earring.  Its all about the contrast.  Now you can quote that!  lol.

The shoe…I love these shoes.  I have them in multiple colors and they are so comfortable.  They are suede platform peeptoe pumps with satin accents (the heel and the platform just under the peep-toe is satin). Despite the fact that this heel is almost 6 inches high (super sexy) its also soooo comfy. Check out the shoes by clicking the amazon image below…

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Get the shoes here


Get the shoes here


Get the shoes here




Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Red Leather Furla Bag, Denim Romper Onsie, Bebe Sandals

I never realized how vibrantly red this Furla bag was until I saw it on camera in these pictures.  I got this bag from the Furla outlet at the Cabazon Outlets on the way to Palm Springs from LA.  It was  great find because, I was searching high and low for the perfect red bag.  It always serves its purpose of being that special pop of color, in an otherwise drab color palette of an outfit, like the one here.  When I put these look together, it kind of flowed naturally .  As you know, I love to wear my legs out and this over-sized blazer takes this strapless denim onesie from cheap and sleazy to chic and stylish.

  • Wool over-sized blazer from Goodwill
  • Red leather Furla bag from Furla outlet (I found a similar one for you at amazon.  I actually like the amazon one better 0.  scroll down and click the red bag to check it out)
  • Tan platform caged sandals from bebe
  • Strapless Denim shorts romper from Forever21









Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Cynthia Steffe Silk Skirt, Zara Belt, Lace Tank, Burgundy Leather Gloves

I know I’m obsessed with showing my legs off so I figured I’d post a more reserved look to the fashion blog to show my versatility. My leg obsession is so bad that when I did these pictures, I kept ruching the skirt up to show mylegs….I’m such a hoochie. But nonetheless, I’m glad that I put this look together because I love it. It’s kind of a 1950’s homemaker inspired. I got this silk skirt yesterday from a Goodwill in Redondo Beach. I didnt realize until I got home that it was a Cynthia Steffe skirt! I’ve spent thousands of dollars in the past at Neiman Marcus on Cynthia Steffe and to get it for $5 by accident is hilarious. On top of that, it’s 100% silk! The print just spoke to me. The tank has been in my wardrobe for at least 7 years. I got it from Nordstrom a long time ago. I rediscovered it in some of my old clothes in the room that I grew up in when I visited my mom. Upon seeing it, it brought back memories. I got these amazing burgundy tie-up gloves from Target a few years ago. The color is so yummy. And the tan patent leather platform pumps, I got them from Aldo at the end of the year last year. Scroll down to see more pictures from this look

  • Cynthia Steffe Silk Skirt
  • Zara Belt
  • Lace Accented Gray Tank by Poppie
  • Burgundy Leather Gloves from Target
  • Tan Patent Leather Platform Pumps from Aldo










Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Animal Instincts pt 2 : Leopard Skirt, Cropped Top & Fuschia Platforms


When I did the Chic Renegade Fashion Blog photo shoot for this week, I was inspired to go in two different directions with this leopard print skirt. A few days ago I posted a clean look with a twist in a look titled “Animal Instinct pt 1″ which featured this same leopard skirt paired with a leather trimmed BCBG jacket and a pair of leopard print pumps.   In this look, Animal Instincts 2, I complemented this leopard print pencil skirt with a striped, cropped, off-the-shoulder, long sleeve top, and a pair of fuschia platform peep toe pumps.  I love this look equally as much as the first one.  Right now, Im a huge fan of belly button-less exposed mid-drifts…you know where you expose the area below your rib cage but above your belly button (never the belly button).  The look is so fashion forward.  Its revealing but not slutty.  I think, I’m gonna keep this look in my arsenal for a while. I mentioned before that the skirt was from forever21 and I honestly can’t remember where I got this top from.  I know it was a shop on Melrose in LA but i cant remember which one.  I got these suede fuschia platform peep-toe pumps by Zigi NY from XTC on Melrose as well.  I actually found them online for you if you like them. They are super comfortable and I have them in black as well.  The body of the shoe is suede and the platform and the heel is satin. I love these shoes. Click the link below or click here to check them out. And scroll down to see more pictures from the Animal Instincts pt 2 look with the leopard print skirt







Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Animal Instincts pt 1 :BCBG Leather Jacket, Leopard Skirt, Leopard Shoes

When I put this look together for this fashion blog, I couldnt decide between 2 looks for this leopard print mini skirt. Today I am featuring Animal Instinct part 1. It features A black leather accented BCBG Max Azria jacket.  (click here to see Animal Instinct pt 2) I got this jacket from the BCBG store on Walnut street in Philadelphia when I was visiting my family. Although, I love this jacket (and spent A LOT of money on it), I hardly ever wear it and I don’t know why.  Remember how I told you before that I like to mix and match different leopard prints.  Well, this time I mixed a leopard print skirt that I got from Forever21 and a pair of leopard print pumps that I got from a shoe boutique called XTC on Melrose in LA.  XTC is probably my favorite shoe boutique.  The two leopard prints go so well together.

Stay tuned for Animal Instincts part 2.  It will feature the same skirt but styled completely different.

Animal Instincts pt 1

  • Leather accented jacket by BCBG Max Azria
  • Leopard pencil Skirt from Forever21
  • Leopard Print Pumps by Oh…Deer from XTC
  • MAC “Underworld” Lipstick

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I know I look crazy in this picture…hahahaha




Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Leopard Print Hooded Sweater, Denim Cutoff Shorts, L.A.M.B. Ankle Boots

I got this leopard print hooded sweater from some little boutique in downtown LA in the fashion district for like $12.  Come to think of it, it was a whole seller that was nice to me and sold me a one off.  Either way, I love it.  I paired it with some no name brand denim shorts.  I also got the shorts from LA’s fashion district but more specifically Santee Alley (dont judge, I love to shop there).  But most importantly, I got theses dope L.A.M.B. ankle boots from Bloomingdale’s a little while ago.  These boots are so versatile I can wear them anywhere.

Oh and I got the leopard top underneath the sweater from forever 21.  Its an off the shoulder loose fitting cropped top.  I bought it specifically to wear under this leopard hooded sweater.  In the past I’ve tried to wear this sweater with solid color tops and it always looks so boring.  Like really, red? how many times can we do leopard print with red or any other solid for that matter. I decided to get a totally different leopard and pair it that way.  This way, its not boring and it works in a weird way.

I love to wear shorts with unexpected items like sweaters and boots.  It makes me think that if someone were to look at a picture of me indoors they would be confused as to what the weather is.  “she has on shorts, it must be hot…oh no shes wearing a sweater it must be cold…Im so confused”…lol.  Scroll down to see more looks of me in the leopard hooded sweater, denim cutoff shorts, and L.A.M.B. ankle boots.

Unknown brand Hooded Leopard Sweater
Unknown brand denim cuttoff shorts (shop for denim cut-off shorts by clicking the picture of the short below)
L.A.M.B. Ankle Boots
Forever21 Leopard top


leopard-sweater-lamb-ankle-boots  leopard-hooded-sweater900leopard-sweater-lamb-ankle-boots-9leopard-sweater-lamb-ankle-boots-6leopard-sweater-lamb-ankle-boots-8leopard-sweater-lamb-ankle-boots-5leopard-sweater-lamb-ankle-boots-2

Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Sheer Maroon Top, Mini Skirt, and Tan Ankle Boots

Chic Renegade Fashion Blog // Sheer Maroon Top, Mini Skirt, and Tan Ankle Boots


I bought this outfit when I was visiting my family in Philly. I stayed longer than I expected and had to buy clothes because I ran out.  I ended up wearing it out wth my cousin and his friends to dinner at Capitol Grill and then a club.  #Goodtimes

Sheer Maroon Shirt by Angie from Nordstrom
Printed Mini skirt by Lilly White from Nordstrom
Tan Ankle boots by Mia from Macy’s